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This Dream to End
© 1996 by Joe Strell

Falling into summer
Sleeping through these days
Moon on the water
Smile on my face

Listening to your voice in my ear
Laughing on the phone
Wanting only you to be near
And this house a home

I do not want this dream to end

Dust on a mirror
Angel on a wing
Looking for a feather
And all that it might bring

Waiting for a light to shine
Reading in the dark
I should have known better than to string these hopes together
With a casual remark

I do not want this dream to end

Lost inside these hollow walls
A stalk of dry bamboo
How can I ever hope to follow
All these lonely paths to you?

Who knows how long we will
Share this breath of life
Emotions rise, then settle still
Clinging to comfort, however slight

Hold the thought that wants to hold
Nourish hope that wants to live
Two bodies against the cold
Share the warmth that is ours to give

I do not want this dream to end