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I'm Not Looking for Trouble (Tonight)
© 1991 by Joe Strell

I feel my heart beaten down
Under the means of survival
Allowing time to end the day
In the face of my own denial

Yearning for the sleep to come
To suspend all thoughts of dying
Leaving only tearful sounds
To blame it on the world's not trying

To hear what interest has to say
Dreams can wait until tomorrow
When the mourning has begun
For an afternoon filled with sorrow

I'm not looking for trouble tonight
That's just where I'll find you
Burning out a passion in cafe candlelight
And my bridges behind you

Dance the shadows on the wall
Making light of indecision
Slipping deep into the chair
And the thought that life should be easy

I guess for someone it might be
Who decides it doesn't matter
I'm tired of standing up to fall
Seeing brittle plans cruelly shattered


If the choice becomes to dare
And the moon lies upon the water
Will we march into the sea
When an apology is an order