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Driving Through Kansas
© 1996 by Joe Strell & Drea White

Across the plain the clouds were serious
I was in pain and nearly delirious
Rolling under the gray sky thundering
Holding the wheel and thinking and wondering

At eight o’clock the clouds let go
And the rain baptized the fields below
A couple of miles just west of Lawrence
All hell broke loose and it fell in torrents

Water on the window beat down a song
That my windshield wipers couldn’t follow along
On the radio a preacher was tellin’ me
With the hand of Jesus I could strangle the hell in me

A million questions
Dozens of answers
Followed me as I was driving through Kansas

As a myriad diamonds in the night
Fell before the beams of my headlights
The storm did all in its power to blind me
While I put as many miles as I could behind me

I thought that night I’d lost my mind
Looking for something I could never find
Through Topeka I hydroplaned
As the sky above me and my spirit drained


When I crossed the border into Colorado
I pulled over with my gas tank hollow
I stepped out of the car and slammed the door
And I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore