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A Lament for Love (Empathy)
© 2007 by Joe Strell

I (I)
Yes, I wish it could be (Yes, I wish, I wish it could be)
But there's hoping inside (Hoping inside)
There's crying, now, I don't know why (I don't know why)
And I want it (Why?)
I--oh, how I could want it (I could want it)
I want, and it seems that nothing is real (It's all such a lie)
Time goes by, you think you got something real
(You could hold it in your hand)

Well I don't know, I don't know what it is (I don't know what it is)

Statements like that, they can make you shudder (You could cry)
So afraid, afraid of one another (Shy away)
There is no truth to be sought, to be looked for (Look beyond)
Accept the path you've chosen
No lie can make it better (No lie)

Lies you read (Lies you write)
Lies friends tell you (They're all the same)
No one believes 'til they're speaking (I never believed it could happen to me)

Time heals all wounds, they say (And they're lying, but it's true)
"You'll get over it"
Don't you wish you could see them now?

You are in vogue (I can see)
You can be a poet, now (I can see)
You've suffered, then
I never believed
And I still want that (Still want this)
I suppose no reason (Don't you realize: it's nothing)
To cry about

I have no reason (I have my reasons)
To suppose I know anything (Anything)
Still (Still)
I'd like to hold out my hand (As a friend)
In friendship to you now

Shoo be do be wop bow
Shoo be do be
Shoo be do be wop bow
Shoo be do be